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This project is a show flat of builders. It is more focused on making the compact area more spacious. A true design is when you transform small spaces into aesthetically eye-grabbing and functionality rates to enhance the entire place and attracts livelihood. This is the perfect example to showcase how the compact area could be converted and organize for a better place of accommodation. The use of vibrant colors is a vital factor when you have all kinds of age groups in the family. The blues, yellows, and tinge of pink color used in the rooms and living area have made the design very lively and has enlightened the entire space. Therefore, these colors are used to make the client's mind composed and relaxed. It is very important to consider the aesthetic values of the designed elements of each house that gives pleasure and composure. Swadeshi has become India today's agenda. We have tried to use all the Indian materials in making the furniture and Artifacts too. The usage of local art and craft has enhanced the beauty of the interiors. The beauty of home resides in each and every inch of its corner, be it the walls, the furniture, or the ceilings. Here are the glimpses of our project.

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